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Desserts That Are So Heavenly You’ll Be Relishing Every Spoonful

Sensational Desserts That Always Pleases

Give in to the temptation and satisfy your sweet tooth with desserts baked by me, Stacey McWhorter of Sweet Stacey’s. Serving clients in the Georgia area, I offer desserts that are so good you’ll want to skip dinner. From cookies that melt in your mouth to drip cakes bursting with creamy flavors, I can create exquisite goods that make any regular day or special occasion wonderful.


I am passionate about baking exquisite desserts that taste great and make every eating experience more satisfying. My customers are the focus of everything I do and my goal is to provide them with baked goods of exceptional quality — products that bring a special joy to life.

My Vision

My vision is to provide high-quality treats and an excellent customer service experience that my new and loyal customers deserve.

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